8.21.90 - 7.28.16

Rest In Peace, My Son.
"I will miss you every second of every day" - Momma


About Billy

Who was Billy? Those who knew him would describe him as compassionate, funny, edgy, artistic, earthy, free-spirited, spiritual, emotional, sad, sensitive, soulful, melancholy, non-ordinary, a dreamer…the list goes on and on. He was 25 years old. Brown/hazel eyes, brown dreaded hair. A hippy at heart. Billy loved the Grateful Dead and playing the guitar but his passion was skateboarding.

He was not only my son, but a wonderful soul whose life ended too soon because of an addiction he could not beat. Billy had a big heart, some said it was too big. He was known for giving his last penny away. Sometimes that penny was mine - actually most of the time that penny was mine - but I admired his love for the needy. Even if he was in need, Billy still gave something. I believe that he had three loves in his life that lit his soul, two of which I became very close to. I will think of them always and be grateful for their support and presence in his life. He sought love but in the end could not give it because he didn’t love himself. 

Though his smile was contagious, his eyes showed a pain and sorrow that love and support could not fulfill. He suffered a head injury when he was 16 where he broke his neck and for the past nine years suffered immeasurably with pain and a constant search for relief from that pain. Unfortunately it was with “her” that he found a temporary escape. He hid it well from many, especially me. But she ended up sharing his last moments in this life. I hate “her”. I will spend the rest of my life finding ways to make others despise “her” as well. Heroin, you will go down and I will do it with honor and love for my son who you took from me. We will help others in honor of Billy - a really cool kid who deserved so much more in life.

His legacy will live on.


Once in a while you get

shown the light in the

strangest of places if you

look at it right.